Observance of Phytoplankton samples using Foldscope

Phytoplankton samples were collected from the overlying water column of the seagrass meadows of the central sector of Chilika Lagoon with the help of a plankton net. The samples collected were analysed under the foldscope. Filamentous algae Oscillatoria and Polysiphonia sp. were identified.

sampling of Phytoplankton from the central sector of Chilika Lagoon


Oscillatoria sp. observed under foldscope
Polysiphonia sp collected and observed under Foldscope

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Beautiful pictures. It’s wonderful to see the documentation of the process of science – seeing you collect the samples in the middle of the lake is fantastic.

    I have often wondered – what is the salinity of lake chilika?


    1. Gurdeep Rastogi says:

      since Chilika is a brackish water lagoon, salinity varies between 0-35 ppt depending upon spatial location of sampling sites. This is also one of the reason, Chilika supports freshwater, marine water and brackish flora and fauna.

  2. irtcpalakkad says:

    could you please give me your contact number?

    1. Mooventhan Palanisamy says:


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