Study of dicot leaf stomata and phenomenon of plasmolysis under foldscope

College name : CMR National PU College ITPL Bangalore

Students : I PU

Item viewed : Rheo leaf section


Students of I PU studied the structure of stomata from Rheo leaf and phenomenon of plasmolysis under foldscope today. A temporary slide with Rheo leaf section was observed under foldscope. Stomata with bean shaped guard cells were clearly seen on the lower epidermis of the leaf. Students could also identify open and closed stomatal pores.

A section of lower epidermis of Rheo leaf was mounted with a hypertonic solution to observe the phenomenon of plasmolysis. Students observed the slide under foldscope at different time intervals. They could distinguish between normal cells, incepient cells and completely plasmolysed cells.


It was a great learning experience for the students as the clarity of images under foldscope made them understand the concepts very clearly.   



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