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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Dear @Manogna,

    Thanks for making this post. The community site is both for sharing successful explorations – but also for learning and trouble shooting.

    Let’s start with a few steps:
    1) can you please also upload a front and back picturebof your foldscope – so we can all see and confirm if it’s folded correctly.
    2) can you start with a regular glass slide instead of the tape slide – to ensure you have a known slide that you have high enough contrast.
    3) the rainbow colors in the image tell me you are using a light source like a bulb or light that is farther from the scope. Can you take a picture in the day outdoors. Never point the foldscope to the sun, but you can be outdoors (point to empty portion of sky) to see the contrast.
    4) to confirm you have learned how to focus correctly, put something larger like a leaf or flower petals a d focus on its edge. Using a big sample will let you confirm that you can see what you expect to see. It will also have high contrast.

    Best wishes and keep exploring!


  2. Y.Manogna says:

    I just did it sir the 1st one. And I’ll try the rest in the morning sir

  3. Manu Prakash says:

    1) the assembly looks great.

    Try the rest of the points 🙂


  4. Y.Manogna says:

    Manu sir I did the rest of them and tried , they are in my recent post could you please check out my post and give review on it and also advice and suggest me what nd how to try next one please 🤗😁😀😊

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