observed differences between rice genotypes based on its seed trichome

We observed rice seed under foldscope and found only 2 number of trichomes on it.

After observing this rice seed under foldscope, we found many number of trichomes on seed comapared to previous rice seed. So there will be differences between rice genotypes based on seed trichomes observed under foldscope


These are the pictures of the rice seeds. I observed small part of rice seed hull for its trichomes through foldscope.

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    That’s. Beautiful idea. I did not know if seeds also have trichomes. Can you post a macroscopic picture as well.


  2. honnappa says:

    Dear Dr. Manu,

    Thank you for your comments. This picture is posted by my doctoral student. Rice genotypes show variability for seed trichome density and we are trying to quantify it. We are working on root hair density and length as well.

    With regards,
    Dr. Jayateertha. Diwan

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