South America Trip – Introduction


I want to share some experiences, stories, and data from an incredible trip I took with the Foldscope team throughout South America. The trip encompassed nearly a month, it was simply massive in every regard. Time, information to process, opportunity.

In this post, I’ll share a big gallery of images & a quick outline of the trip.  (The video at the start of this post is my absolute favorite.)

In following posts, I’ll expand on individual moments. To tie everything together, every post relating to the trip will be tagged with “Team Travel” and “South America – Summer 2018,” in case you want to find these posts specifically / follow along for the full story!

Trip Outline:

  • Lima, Peru (July 22-25)
  • San Luis, Argentina (July 25-31)
  • Manaus & Tefe, Brazil (August 1-15)
Team members on this trip from left to right, me, Jim, Hazel, Judy, and Alice.

Until next time!

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