Marine bacteria in a night Plankton tow

Ocean is vast and mysterious in so many ways. Sometimes I find it hard to just imagine such a large interconnected ecosystem with all its living abundance. Combine that with its inaccessibility simple by being completely under water. You can take a casual stroll in a rainforest day in and day out – to be on and really “in” the water needs a lot of planning, preparation and all of us can’t even get to majority of places. This water world is the subject of my current series of posts.

Recently, I have been doing a series of night Plankton tows to see differences of communities during the day and night. I will continue to update this series – but just want to share; what it’s like being on the water in the middle of the night on a very small boat and what we see.

We are in Monterey bay; 1 mike from the coast line. These sea lions really can sleep under the bell tower. Just imagine. We did several horizontal and vertical tows; and the communities we pulled out were dramatically different from our day tows. More on that soon..

Here is just a sample of marine bacteria. It’s a critical ingredient of this ecosystem – responsible for that “ocean smell” – and is incredibly abundant in the marine environment. You can see it seaming and munching on an embryo of some kind.

The conditions on the water – specially when it’s so dark out – we’re not great. Just a lesson for friends; don’t get a nice dinner and hop on a boat. Does not help 🙂

Keep exploring.



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  1. Tulasi Mastanamma says:

    Wonderful video of ocean bacteria, we always feel the smell of the ocean but first time i have seen moving ocean bacteria giving the smell to ocean. The changing phase from bright field to dark field is awesome and the bacteria are clearly visible in dark background dining in an embryo. delight to see your posts

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