Double-pore tapeworm of dogs

Dipylidium caninum, also called the double-pore tapeworm, or cucumber tapeworm (in reference to the shape of its cucumber-seed-like proglottids, though these also resemble grains of rice or sesame seeds), is a cyclophyllid cestode  causing disease known as dipylidiasis. The pictures show the anterior part ( containing suckers and rose thorn shaped hooks on the retractable rostellum ) , the middle part  and the posterior part as seen through foldscope.

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  1. Tulasi Mastanamma says:

    Is it a permanent slide or the parasite traced by you in any sample. the scolex looks wonderful

  2. foldscopeGADVASU8 says:

    Thans for your comments and sorry for delay in reply.
    yeah it was a permanent slide made in our department

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