Tribal people of Rajaborari getting fascinated seeing microbes using folscope


 Dirt on skin will harbor microbes and transmission occurs easily from one individual to the other. The secretions from skin like sweat, carries many waste products which should be washed off. If they are not removed, it will provide an environment for the growth of microorganisms.

  • With the help of foldscope many types of microorganisms have been observed from the surroundings as well as from the individuals.
  • Samples from hands, mouth, feet, unwashed clothes, hair, nails and drinking water were collected.
  • A survey was carried with the objective of understanding the prevailing personal hygienic practices in tribal and urban areas.
  • It was observed that more unhygienic practices were found in tribal areas due to the lack of resources.
  • On the basis of collected information and observations, data was compiled and workshops on hygienic practices and its relevance for health were conducted for women and children at various location in the tribal area.
  • Women groups at Mogradhana, Salai and Rajaborari (around 50 women) were sensitized on issues relating to the personal hygiene and health.
  • All the groups were exposed to the usage of foldscope for observing microbes, bacteria and fungus which were mounted on slides acquired from hands, mouth, water, feet and clothes of individual.
  • At Mogradhana students of various age groups (around 30 students) were addresses for healthy practices to be adopted.
  • Primary school students of 4th and 5thclass (around 40 students) and high school students of 6th, 7th and 8th class (around 80 students) of Rajaborari weredemonstrated the need and importance of hygiene for healthy living using foldscope.
  • A workshop for the primary school students of 4th and 5th class (around 40 students) was conducted in Salai a village school in Rajaborari.
  • Cleanliness was emphasised through  power point presentation prepared from the collected information and various videos which were shown in order to generate awareness on the personal hygiene for children.
  • An exposure of foldscope gave them a clarity and exploratory insight into the issue.





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