#LeeuwenhoekDay- Help me to select the best foldscoped image

Competitions in Foldscoping

 On occasion of LeeuwenhoekDay, Department of Zoology, Government College for Women(A), Guntur organised Competitions in Foldscoping for Zoology students. Total 12 students participated and the objective is to ignite the scientific observation and to  sharpen our pencils (or microscopes)@suggested by Manu Prakash.

Methodology adopted for Competitions:

Sample given: Same slide ( Blood smear) for all participants to maintain the uniformity (if it is a water sample in some sample we may get beautiful organisms in some sample we may not get any organisms, to avoid this same slide was given to all the participants one after other)

Foldscope: same foldscope was used throughout the competition

Light Source: Same Light source was given for all the students

Mobile Phone:  Same phone was given for all by noting down the numbers of images captured by each student

Time : 5 minutes for each student

I choose to give blood smear because students had knowledge about it and before foldscoping they can have a clear view for what they are looking for

All the images were captured by students were shown to our colleagues and shortlisted some images. Pl help me to identify the best one

1                                                                                            2

3                                                                                                            4

5                                                                                                        6

7                                                                       8


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