Tara Pacific – San Diego to Panama – Overview

I had the chance to go onboard Tara, a famous scientific vessel that has sail nearly 100,000 km around the Pacific Ocean for more than two years.

I participated to the last scientific leg of this fabulous adventure, a leg from San Diego to Panama.

Tara is a 36 meters aluminum-hulled schooner, 10 wide and 27 mast height, Tara cruises nearly 100,000 km until September 2018. From East to West and from North to South. An edge of the schooner pilot by 6 sailors, stuffed with measuring instruments, 70 scientists will take turns at sea 2 years: an interdisciplinary team. The information collected will be exploited for 10 years. On the program these two years, under the guidance of the CNRS : some 70 stops, 40 archipelagos analyzed and 45 000 samples taken to discover the hidden diversity of coral. Tara will travel seven months and oceans: Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Pacific Ocean, Southeast China and South, Sea of Solomon, Coral Sea.

Please have a look to this fabulous video defining Tara Pacific !

I met Manu Prakash at the beginning of it for the annual Plankton Planet meeting at San Diego. The plan was for him to come onboard until La Paz but this plan had to change. May we sail together Manu !

This meeting was also the perfect moment to create an emulation on the foldscope through workshops.

After what we were finally leaving San Diego, without Manu…, but with hundreds foldscopes onboard !

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