Tara Pacific – San Diego to Panama – Adventures on Islands

Leaving Tara to explore the islands close by was valuables moments.

First at Clipperton Island which is an uninhabited 6 km2 coral atoll in the eastern Pacific Ocean off the coast of Central America. It is 10,677 kilometers away from Paris, 5,400 km from Papeete, and 1,081 km from Mexico.

Clipperton has a ring-shaped atoll which completely encloses a stagnant freshwater lagoon, and is 12 km (7.5 mi) in circumference. The lagoon is devoid of fish, and contains some deep basins with depths of 43 and 72 m (141 and 236 ft), including a spot known as Trou-Sans-Fond, or “the bottomless hole”, with acidic water at its base. The water is described as being almost fresh at the surface, and highly eutrophic.

Source : wikipedia

I didn’t know this island before but we felt lucky to be able to visit it. I invite you to read more about the history of this uninhabited island on wikipedia. The fact that some fresh water was contained by this lagoon was really curious and I took a day off with Nicolas Bin, the second onboard to lead an sampling session on it !

It seems to me that the richness wasn’t extraordinary nevertheless the density of cells was insane. We had find mostly Dinoflagellates and Copepods in it.

Several Macro-algaes were also living around the inner coast of the atoll. Not videos of it but a darkfield tentative.

Secondly we went to Coiba archipelago were I had a small folscope session on land.An amazing and luxurious island where I didn’t spend to much time.

Just a picture of what I saw there attached to rocks in the water.


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