Studies on the presence of microorganisms in wild edible plants during summer season

Some of the flood prone areas of Gohpur subdivision were visited during this summer season and some wild edible plants were collected to observe the association of microorganism with this wild plants. Edible wild plant samples were collected from twenty different flood prone sites of Gohpur subdivision. Students of Department of Zoology, Chaiduar College collected wild edible plants and brought the same to the laboratory. After bringing the plant samples, branches, leaves, flowers, stems and roots were seperated. All the separated parts were marked according to the collected location. Marked samples were observed accordingly under the foldscope to see the associated microorganisms. On careful observation many microorganisms were observed to be in association with wild edible plants. Records were stored for future use and references in the similar activities. Preparations were also made to organise similar kind of work in near future to continue updating the record.

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