One day Workshop among the children of Assam Sishu Kalyan Sadan, Jalukbari, Guwahati, Assam.

Children are enthusiastic in learning and observing new things. On 25th August, 2018 me, my Project Assistant  Jayashree Deka and my student Daisy Brahma went to Assam Sishu Kalyan Sadan in Guwahati to organise  a one day workshop on the assemble and applications of Foldscope. The children were very happy and eager to learn about the Foldscope. They were taught how to assemble the Foldscope, how to prepare samples and how to observe it in sunlight as well as under LED. They observed different samples such pollen grains of  Hibiscus, different body parts of mosquito and drosophila.


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