Thrips on brinjal leaf

My grandma  is  fond of gardening and has maintained a kitchen garden. Last weekend I visited her place and was helping her plucking green chillies and bottle gourd, when I noticed some powdery mass on the lower side of the brinjal leaves.



I thought it was powdery mildew. I plucked a leaf to see how it looked under a foldscope……but was frightened ……I could see lots of thrips moving.   I immediately asked the gardener to spray an insecticide to stop it from spreading. I acknowledge the help of Mr. Keshu for editing and uploading  the file of moving thrips.







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  1. laksiyer says:

    If you are careful enough you can keep the foldscope on the sample for over a day and observe feeding, mating and other interesting aspects of their lives. These are not thrips though, they are likely to be scale insects related to the aphids. How interesting that your picture also shows some kind of fly nearby….

    1. gagandeep_SD15 says:

      Thanks sir. I will try to follow the same once my exams are over.

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