Blood: Red cells, white cell and B-cell on stained slide

Blood on crystal violet stained slide. Red cells are small grey  6-micron dots. Deep red-violet blot in upper right is a white cell. Smaller blot is a b-cell. Sample stained with crystal violet.

To push beyond the foldscope-eye limits  try to team it with a high definition smart phone.     A RBC is shaped like a mint lifesaver. The outer edge is thicker than the middle. When viewing with the smart phone zoom in to reveal the 2-micron edge. The normal RBC can be distinguished from an abnormal one. A WBC is about 24-microns, and depending on the shape you can make out the various WBCs, T-cells, and B-Cells. WBCs are about 1% of the total blood. The purpose of blood is to feed body cells and remove wastes while fighting off foreign viruses.

The study of blood is Hematology. a link is provided.


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