Foldscope Outreach at Vanita Vishram Primary School 24th Sept 18

Under the aegis of tge Star DBT Scheme at K.C.College an outreach was organised as a special request for 4th graders st Vanita Vishram Primary School, V.P.Road, Mumbai. The childrens joy had no bounds when they could hold the microscope in their hands, adjust on their own to enhance the field view n more. Led by Principal Mrunal R.L. who was herself present with the students n staff 85 students were initiated into the use of tge foldscope. The wrkshop was coordinated by Dr.Suvarna Sharma, the teacher incharge for the event was Dr.Shalini Rai and UG students Manasi and Bhakti made slides n helped with the conduct. Cheers to the students who even made notes to remember what they say small steps to a greater objective popularising science.

Hair follicle

Ease of handling

Pollen stained for observation

Notes made by 4th graders

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