Aspergillus nigur (fungi)

Photo clicked during workshop on “EXPLORATION OF MINUSCULE WORLD THROUGH FOLDSCOPE” held on 23rd sept 2018 at “prashnachinh” adivashi aashram school, amravati , maharashtra, India by std of bsc 3rd yr of shivaji science college amravati, maha, india guided by: Dr khedakar sir , dept of botany
Aspergillus nigus is the type of fungus of division ascomycota , it causes disease to certain fruit called black mould , commonly found on onion
In some rare cases it causes disease to human also called ‘aspergillosis’ it is one of the most common cause of ‘Otomyocosis’ ( fungus ear infection) on other hand it is used to make citric acid, nd some important enzymes

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