Orange fruit segment through foldscope

After observing the fibers of the orange peel, I focused upon the internal parts of the orange hesperidium. Orange fruit is a juicy berry with a thick leathery rind and internally divided into segments. Each segment is surrounded by a membrane which encloses the pulp. The seeds are located towards the inner side of the segment. The pulp consists of numerous vesicles.

I opened up a segment to expose the pulpy vesicles. I mounted the membrane on a slide to observe its structure under foldscope. The cells of the membrane were observed unstained as well as using safranine for clarity.

Unstained membrane of orange fruit segment 

Safranine stained membrane of orange fruit segment 

The juicy vesicle was also seen through a foldscope to study its structure. Each vesicle was seen to be a multicellular sac with a thread-like stalk and spindle shaped body.



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