#IndiaFoldscopePhase1- Foldscope Orientation Workshop-11 at SRR Govt. College(A), Vijayawada

Organised Department of Biotechnology , GoI sponsored Foldscope workshop for faculty and students at SRR Government College (A) ‘Vijayawada. More than 70 participants, faculty from different colleges in Krishna District and students attended the workshop. Participants enjoyed observing onion peel, pollen, cheek cells.

Inaugural session

Explaining to the participants about the versatility of the Foldscope and its assembly

Participants learning about  Foldscope and Paperfuge from the inventor Dr.Manuprakash through videos

Assembly of Foldscopes by Faculty and students


Observing  slides /objects through foldscope

Students trying to project the object through foldscope

Different samples like pollen, Panipuri, cheek cells, Onion peel were observed and the excited to click the images

Press clippings about the program

Students were really excited and expresses their wish to use foldscope to improve scientific temper



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