#IndiaFoldscopePhase1- Street Food -3

In India at many places, the favourite evening snacks for many people is Panipuri . Vendors use water to prepare panipuri water which is the main ingredient of the street food.  Hence  through Folsdcope workshops trying to create awareness among students ( prime consumers of the food)and faculty about the necessity of maintaining hygiene in the production of food as well as maintaining cleanliness in the surroundings.

To propagate this, we are observing Panipuri samples in all foldscope workshops and a sample was observed at Vijayawada  workshop also . The following are the images, videos of the sample.

Many street food stalls are present beside the road or drainage canals, hence observed a water sample from drainage also for the microorganisms. students observed  many bacteria in the sample andlearnt about the importance of consuming healthy food



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