Workshop on Insects and Insects under Foldscope at Department of Zoology, Gauhati University

On 6th October, 2018 one day workshop on the theme “Insects and Insects under Foldscope” was organised in the Department of Zoology, Gauhati University, Assam, India which was convened by Dr. Bulbuli Khanikor. All total hundred numbers of post graduation and research scholar students from Gauhati University and two nearby colleges were participated in the workshop. Faculty members of the Department were present in the inaugural ceremony of the workshop and offered their precious speech. For successful conduction of the programme, a group of six Research scholars were initially trained on the assembly and usage of the Foldscope and deployed during hands on session of Foldscope assembly. Different photos of insect body parts were taken with the help of both stereozoom and Foldscope before workshop and presented as powerpoint mode on the day of workshop. Two entomologist were invited for delivering popular talk on insect. Both the speaker elaborately discussed some amazing facts of insects along with some of their identifying characters with the participants. The convenor of the workshop, Dr. Bulbuli Khanikor, at first delivered a brief presentation regarding the innovation of Foldscope, usage and advantages of of Foldscope. Later two presentations were displayed introducing the parts of foldscope and the steps of assembly in sequence. In concordance with the sequential steps of assembly on powerpoint slide, the trained group of research scholar gave hands on training on the assembly of the Foldscope and their usage. At the end of the day, three different presentations on different types of wings, types of antenna and morphology of Ants were displayed with photographs of their body parts taken under Foldscope. All the participants showed enthusiasm and good response and very much interest towards the Foldscope. Students gave their feedback and at the end of the event participation certificates were distributed among the participant.

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