Workshop on Foldscope utility for disease detection in silkworm farmers in Sibsagar, Assam

Muga mother moth examination is a crucial step for rearing of muga silkworms. Detection of pebrine (Nosema sp.) spores is an utmost prerequisite for quality seed production and is the basis of muga sericulture in Assam. Typically, light microscopy based technique is utilized in farmers field or in large silkworm grainages for producing disease free layings (DFLs). In this process the adult mother moth’s abdomen is crushed in a motor pestle and a smear is prepared for observation of spores under the microscopic field. Subsequently, all layings detected positive by examination of corresponding mother moth are discarded to minimize the transmission of pebrine disease and quality silkworm rearing. Foldscope helps in the similar manneras the light microscope much effectively at low cost. This will have significant impact as it is portable and can be easily purchased by farmers at minimal cost.

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