Hello from Kerpai, Odisha

I am a tribal educator working in Kerpai, Kalahandi. It’s a tough area to work in with many challenges. I just et Manu – and he shared Foldscope and its use in health and education. I look forward to engaging kids in our community – and share what we do.

If you are interested – drop me a comment below.




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  1. Soumitra Banerjee says:

    Hello Ma’am,
    I am working on foldscope and its application in agriculture, food and other allied fields. I would like to know more about your work and explore the possibilities to collaborate. I really congratulate on your novel work at Kalahandi (Odisha).
    Please find my Email ID as “soumitra.banerjee7@gmail.com”.
    I wish for all your success in your noble work.


  2. Gurdeep Rastogi says:

    excellent initiative to work directly with tribals of Odisha. I am from Balugaon Odisha and would love to be part of this initiative.

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