First Outreach Programme at Kendriya Vidyalaya, INS Chilika

On 5th of October 2018, the first outreach programme for school children was held in Kendriya Vidyalaya, INS, Chilika on the theme “Outreach programme on seagrass biodiversity of Chilika under Foldscope”. The active participants were the Principal KV, teachers and young brains of standard 11th and 12th. A detailed presentation on Chilika, a Ramsar site of India was delivered. Students were briefed about macrophyte diversity of Chilika with special emphasis on sagrasses, their species diversity, and ecosystem services in sustaining the fishery resources including the existing threats and conservation measure taken by Chilika Development Authority. Foldscope as a tool to examine the biodiversity of seagrasses and associated fauna was introduced. An origami paper microscope: Foldscope can become a first portable microscope for the school children in resource constrained environment where costly microscope cannot be provided. Students were given hands on exposure on the use of foldscope and were allowed to use it by themselves. The benthic specimens collected from the seagrass meadows were kept for demonstration and use under foldscope. The entire programme was a success in creating awareness and sensitizing school children about seagrasses and utility of Foldscope.

foldscope : A pocket Microscope
learning how to operate and how to connect foldscope with the phone for pictures
Explaining how to put the slide, and how to use the foldscope to see the slide
looking through the benthic samples collected from the seagrass ecosystem.
students looking into gram negative bacteria collected from Chilika.
students looking through the foldscope.

The Principal and science teacher of KV, INS looking through the foldscope.



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