Workshop on “Foldscope: Doing Science With Ease” for Secondary school teachers and students

Cotton University in association with Regional Science Centre, Guwahati organized a one day workshop for secondary school teachers and students on 12 Oct 2018. Three Schools- Assam Jatiya Vidyalay, Maharishi Vidya Mandir (Silpukhri) and Maria’s Public School (Narengi)  participated with 30 students along with two teachers from each school. Workshop coordinator (Dr. Anjana S Naorem)  introduced the participants with the Foldscope and the story behind its creation which inspired the young participants especially the story of how Gandhiji’s picture with microscope inspired Dr Manu Prakash to create such amazing tool of the century. The concept of frugal science made them to believe that if there is a will there is a way. It was followed by training on the assembly of  Foldscope and sample preparation and slide preparation tips by Santana Saikia (project assistant). After that there was no looking back. All the students  were in a competition to get their own sample and view them under the microscope. Everybody wanted to have their own unique collection and see them under Foldscope which they have never thought of doing it in their life with so much ease. With Foldscope so handy to use, they started exploring all the possible things around them be it the most obvious hair to start with or their dandruff or bird feathers, leaves (both green and dried), grass, soil, cocoon, butterfly wings, etc. Many of them tried to draw their observations. The enthusiasm and excitement is reflected in the pics here. Wish we had  many Foldscopes to be distributed to the students….

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