Twinning program between Foldscope teams of The D. G. Ruparel College, Mumbai and Bijni College, Assam.

On 26th September 2018 we started our work under twinning program with North-Eastern Partner.

On the first day in Bijni college we observed  the pre-prepared slides prepared in Mumbai through fold-scope.We explained the different ways of observation; such as using mobile phone camera and projecting the image using light source through foldscope.

We also guided the JRF Ms. Smaranika Medhi to prepare slides and handle fold-scope. We collected leaves of bougainvillea, Onion and Hibiscus flowers from the campus of Bijni college  to prepare slides. We explained our methods of slide preparation and prepared slides of Stomata, Onion peel, Pollen of Hibiscus.

Slides prepared and observed trough foldscope. We also clicked images using our mobile phone camera.


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