Observing Drainage water sample under Foldscope

Friends, I am working to create awareness among public about the impact of unhygienic street food on health by using Foldscope.

Major source of contribution to microbial contamination is the place of preparation  and sale of food and we all can see that many street food stalls are present beside the road  and open drainage canals, so want to observe the drainage water samples under foldscope.

To my surprise, it revealed a different microbial world. I could able to observe many moving cocci, Spiral, bacillus and long thread like structures, assumed as filamentous bacteria. Please give your opinion on these microorganisms in the videos and images.

Movement of long thread like ones in the sample, may be filamentous bacteria

Round cocci like ones



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  1. laksiyer says:

    My goodness. Many of these are gigantic bacteria to be seen under a 140x lens. Fantastic initiative.

  2. S.T.V.Raghavamma says:

    Dear madam, drainage water generally contains most of the enteric bacteria like E. coli, Pseudomonas, streptococcus, shigella and enterobacter etc.

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