FOLDSCOPE introduced to TIFR Fellow and the team at CUBE (collaboratively Understanding Biology Education) Hub at S P Hr.Sec School Srinagar J and K

The sample was brought by Dr Gagan TIFR Mumbai Fellow but the sample was decayed during the transit from Mumbai to Kashmir but any way when Foldscope was introduced and demonstrated live Microbes were seen under Foldscope.

_* Protocol:*_ In a 250 ml beaker add 200 ml DC water. DC waterborne can be made at home by keeping tap water in a open vessel for a day or keep water in a filter if you can. Then add the hydra into the beaker with the help of pipette. When the number of hydra increases you can increase the size of beaker as well as volume of water. You can also divide it into different beakers.
•Feeding- Feed the hydra with moina. The ratio should be 2 moina per hydra. If the number of hydra increases and you have low supplements of moina then start alternate day feeding.

The hydra beaker has to be cleaned daily.
•Protocol- Transfer the water of the hydra in a empty beaker. Then add fresh DC water into the beaker. If there are hydra in the old water then pick it up with pipette and transfer it back into the beaker.

The moina has to be fed milk according to the volume of water (250ml=1 drop of water) daily. No need to clean the moina beaker. It can be cultivated in a beaker with DC water. The moina has to be cleaned before feeding the hydra

Happy to see FOLDSCOPE WITH CUBE Kashmir

•Protocol- Collect moina in a dropper from the dropper and put it on a petri plate containing clean DC water. Swirl it in the water 2-3 times and then feed it to the hydra.

In this way hydra and moina both can be cultivated at home.

_*NOTE:*_ The hydra beaker as well as the moina beaker has to be kept near the window but not in direct sunlight.

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  1. edurafi says:

    Nice to see Foldscope and CUBE coming together. I can see my colleague and friend Gagan in the photo. Let’s plan something in Kashmir.

    1. SAJAD WANI says:

      Sure Sir . You and the team are most welcome to do something special for our society in general and students in particular. Hopeful of combining science with society

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