An awareness programme conducted regarding the microworld in drinking water by checking the presence of planktons in the water sample using foldscope. The programme was coordinated by the Kerala Sastra Sahitya Parishad (Kssp) activists of Keralassery Panchayath as part of “The complete health village programme”. It was conducted As a 1st step of the complete health village programme to aware the public about  the presence of microorganisms in their drinking water sources

We have visited 8 wells. Collected the water sample, prepared slides and shown to the members of each house. Thus we could get a chance to aware the public about the microorganisms in the water, harmful and helpful ones, the importance of chlorination, filtration and boiling of the drinking water etc.

After that, all the members from each house that visited and other natives in the Keralassery panchayath were gathered at Kayaramkoodam Anganwadi. There we explained the importance of water quality test and implementation of foldscope on it.parallelly, the water sample under the foldscope also shown to them. A total of 35 were part it.

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Absolutely incredible work. What a wonderful training and deployment. Excited to see a lot more work focused on #water – which is going to be the urgent need for the world.


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