Hunting microfossils: a failed experiment

Work brought me to Jaipur, Rajasthan. It is located in Aravali mountain range, the oldest in Indian subcontinent. I thought it is a best time and place to look for microfossils. While traveling to work, I spotted exposed sedimentary rock. It was exposed due to road construction (see photo). I scrapped done surface deposit and collected fresh sample of sedimentary rock. Cleaned it following the procedure described here, the simple soaking method- ( Had to make few changes based on the availability. I used detergent available in hotel room instead of Calvin and used filter of 100 microns pore size instead of recommend 63 microns pore size. After drying the sample, used foldscope to observe it. Either could not find the microfossils (foraminifera) or could not identify it. Here are the some photos I took while observing the sample. The grid you see the photos is the filter and reach rectangular square is 100 microns. So based on that you can estimate the size of each particle. In photos, you can see quartz particles and some minerals. My plan ahead it to first study more about foraminifera, then collect the needed materials and find good sample so that microfossils can be observed. 

Foldscope community please help me with suggestions, tips, trucks so that next time I get better results.

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