Twinning program between Foldscope teams of The D. G. Ruparel College, Mumbai and Bijni College, Assam.

On second day under Twinning Program, we explored the campus of Bijni college and collected botanical and water samples. the samples were of different kinds of leaves, flowers and water samples.

We prepared slides of the collected samples and observed them under fold-scope. We observed different kind of stomata, pollen,  spirogyra and mosquito larvae. We also captured the images of the slides through foldscope.

Slides observed under foldsope and images clicked using camera of Samsung A6 plus Mobile phone.

Later in  evening  we dissected freshwater fish Nandus nandus under the guidance of  Dr. Sewali Pathak and learned the how to fishes are classified in Taxonomic Classification. We prepared slides of different parts of body and observed them under foldscope.

We observed Gills, Scales, Fin rays and Dentine of Nandus nandus  under foldscope and also clicked images using mobile phone camera.


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