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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Beautiful find. It might be interesting to see if all of the flowers have thrips – or is it rare. How do they feed?


    1. Bulbuli Khanikor says:

      Thank you Sir for your encouraging comment.
      It is reported that some species of thrips feed on flowers may be on flower buds, petals, pollens etc and some other sp. feed on leaf, flower, stem etc of wide range of grass, shrubs, trees.
      Thrips possess rasping-sucking type of mouth parts. Head bears a short beak and within the beak one elongated mandibular stylet , two piercing maxillary stylet and a short hypopharynx enclosed. stylets are used to pierce the leaf -surface and the cell sap exuded is sucked up by sucking pump – cibarium.
      Yes. it would be interesting finding if all types of flowers are assessed to find out the types of thrips present .

      with best regards

      Bulbuli Khanikor

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