Biofilm in buffer

Maintenance of buffers in the lab are an important aspect but are also prone to contamination easily. Similarly, a common buffer happened to be unused since a long time and was eventually discarded. It just so happened due to festive week, the lab remained closed for a week allowing the buffer solution to remain further stored. Upon returning we were welcomed by new members that managed to have found a new home in the buffer bottle that remained untouched all this while. The community had made their presence quite evident by producing a  really amazing layer of biofilm that made me really curious to know more about it.

Strange but fascinating I couldn’t help but view it under my foldscope. Since there was a constant problem of the slide drying up, I was unable to capture the bacterial community in the start, finally I shifted to cavity slides which retained the solution with the biofilm and helped me get a better view if not the best 😉

In the above video, its only the surface of the biofilm that can be visualized, but once focused and close enough…..

Inorder to identify better, here is a little bit  of phone filter that I tried, to make the tiny beings more evident, alteast their movement…:)


Well, the videos are longer than what I’ve added but cropping and editing takes time so this is all for now!



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  1. Tulasi Mastanamma says:

    Interesting images, microorganisms movement in the biofilm is visible

    1. Valencia says:

      Yes ma’am thank you need to work on it more to get better images and understand the structure of the biofilm better

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