Leaf and Trichomes of Cabomba caroliniana

I have a fish tank at home and I am starting to look at samples from it under the Foldscope. Here I studied the leaf of Cabomba caroliniana, a basal angiosperm. It is a fast growing common aquarium underwater plant, with linear leaves. I looked at the leaf with the high powered lens. After discussion with Laks Iyer, we had to remove the coverslip off of the glass slide to get a clear image.

Under the high powered lens the cells of the leaves were visible

Cells of the linear leaf of Cabomba caroliniana
Cells of the linear leaf of Cabomba caroliniana

The trichomes of the leaf (hairy outgrowths) were clearly visible, and the most exciting part of the view. Each trichome had clearly visible 1 to 3  cells.

Trichomes of Cabomba caroliniana

Since we had to take the coverslip off, within a few minutes the trichomes started to get dessicated.

Dessicated trichomes
Dessicated trichomes of Cabomba caroliniana


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  1. laksiyer says:

    Hi @Manu, this Cabomba trichome might also be suitable for observing division and live growth. They remain alive under water and are easy to grow and propagate. Vivek, hope to see some time lapse..

  2. Manu Prakash says:

    Wow wow wow. Incredibly beautiful. I love how Trichomes stack together in brick like structures. I am so excited; indeed watching the cell division for the same would be fascinating. We had recently talked about the channels that need to exist in trichomes to peripheral cells can actually survive. So it’s fascinating to think about – where would the division actually take place.

    Please please please make a time lapse. I am getting an aquarium asap. Can’t wait to see your next post.

    Best wishes.

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