Touching young minds of Chilikarani English Medium School

On 31st October 2018, foldscope team of Wetland Research and Training Centre got a chance to interact with the school children of Chilikarani English Medium School located at Balugaon  on the theme “Outreach programme on seagrass biodiversity of Chilika under Foldscope”. The enthusiast participants were the 9th  and 10th class students and their teachers who took active participation in the learning programme on using the foldscope. A detailed presentation on Chilika, a Ramsar site of India, its macrophyte diversity with special emphasis on seagrasses, their species diversity, and ecosystem services in sustaining the fishery resources including the existing threats and conservation measure taken by Chilika Development Authority was made. Foldscope its origin and applicability in analyzing the variety of medical and environmental samples was introduced to the participants. In resource constrained locations such as Balugaon, a coastal village of Odisha, Foldscope has plenty of opportunity to offer  as a first portable microscope for the school children where costly microscope cannot be provided. Students were given hands on exposure on the use of foldscope and were allowed to use it by themselves. The benthic specimens collected from the seagrass meadows were kept for demonstration and use under foldscope. The entire programme was a success in creating awareness and sensitizing school children and their teachers about seagrasses and utility of Foldscope. The programme was ended with a short quiz session to test their learning from the workshop and students were prize were distributed to the qualifying students. The programme not only magnified the curiosity of students but also of their teachers which is vital for continued interest and igniting future generations of students.

Explaining the Foldscope and its application in different field.
Showing the functioning of the Foldscope to the curious students
Setting up the foldscope to show them zooplanktons
Looking for gram positive bacteria through Foldscope
Little kids were also excited to explore the Foldscope



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