Foldscope Instructions in Spanish – Instrucciones en Español

Link to PDF with instructions in Spanish –> Foldscope Instructions_Spanish

Thanks to Manu and Jim, I had the opportunity to bring 40 Foldscopes from Stanford to Lima, Peru last August.

I was born and grew up in Peru. And although I moved two years ago to Stanford for grad school (I am a PhD Student in Biology), I still have strong ties to Peru. One of them is with MaCTec (Mini Academy of Science and Technology – Peru).

MaCTec is a program for Peruvian girls that aims to develop their inner curiosity and critical thinking (webpage: and Facebook:

Since early 2013, I’ve been part of the MaCTec team. Last year, I heard about the Foldscope and thought it would be great if I could get at least one to show it to my girls from Peru. So I went to the Prakash Lab, and Manu and Jim very generously agreed to give me around 40 Foldscopes for my MaCTec girls. I went to Peru by the end of August 2014 and had the opportunity to do a workshop with them. The girls were fascinated by everything they could see with the Foldscope, and their parents were even more fascinated with it.

After the workshop, the MaCTec girls sent us pictures of themselves showing their family and friends how to use the Foldscope. That made me very happy because another goal of the program is to promote knowledge sharing.

However, the instructions to assemble the Foldscope were in English and this was challenging for most of the girls because they don’t speak nor read in English. Thus, I translated the instructions to Spanish.

Hope this will be useful to many many people and that this will motivate others to translate into their own language!!

Link to PDF with instructions in Spanish –> Foldscope Instructions_Spanish



Enlace a PDF con instrucciones en español –> Foldscope Instructions_Spanish

Gracias a Manu y Jim, tuve la oportunidad de llevar ~40 Foldscopes desde Stanford hasta Lima, Peru el Agosto pasado.

Yo nací y crecí en Perú. Y aunque me mudé hace dos años a Stanford para mis estudios de doctorado (soy estudiante de doctorado de Biología), aún mantengo muchas fuertes conexiones con Perú. Una de ella es con MaCTec (Mini Academia de Ciencia y Tecnología – Perú).

MaCTec es un programa para niñas peruanas que busca desarrollar su curiosidad interna y pensamiento crítico (webpage: and Facebook:

Desde inicios del 2013 fui parte del equipo de MaCTec. El año pasado escuché sobre el Foldscope y pensé que sería genial si pudiese conseguir al menos uno y llevarlo a mis niñas de Perú. Con esa idea, fui al laboratorio Prakash, y Manu y Jim muy generosamente decidieron darme ~40 Foldscopes para mis niñas MaCTec. A fines de Agosto 2014 fui a Peru y tuve la oportunidad de hacer un taller con ellos. Las niñas estaban fascinadas con todo lo que podían ver con el Foldscope, y sus padres estaban aún más fascinados con él.

Después del taller, las niñas MaCTec nos enviaron fotos de ellas enseñándoles a sus familiares y amigos como usar el Foldscope. Eso me alegró mucho ya que otra de las metas de MaCTec es promover el compartir de conocimiento.

Sin embargo, las instrucciones para ensamblar el Foldscope estaban en inglés y fue difícil para la mayoría de niñas MaCTec ya que no hablan inglés. Es por ello que traduje las instrucciones al español.

¡Espero que esto sea útil para muchas muchas personas y que motive a otras personas a que lo traduzcan a su propio idioma!

Enlace a PDF con instrucciones en español –> Foldscope Instructions_Spanish

By Paola Moreno-Roman

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    @Paola: This is so fantastic. Thank you – thank you. We have a lot of latin american participants; and the translation will be very valuable. I am about to start an online campaign to translate foldscope instruction kits in as many languages as possible.. This is going to be fun.

    Also; here is a picture directory of the MacTec Foldscope workshops. Please choose and put some picture; translations; videos of the girls in a separate post. It would be very valuable for people to learn from your experience.


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