Particules from Californian’s fire

It has been two days now that a part of California is on fire. It’s possible to see a smoky sky since and the particules are then falling everywhere in the Bay Area.

I left my bike outside Stanford’s campus during the last week and it was cover as you can see :

Under a foldscope the particules looks actually pretty bigger than expected :

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Wow Thibaut. This is kind of scary to imagine all this inside our lungs. Those cilia will have to work extra hard. Stay safe and try to use a mask for breathing.

    Maybe, people different distance from the sire can foldscope the soot. I wonder if smaller particles travel farther and larger particles fall down easier with gravity. That would be an interesting finding – since sometimes the smaller particles can cause even more damage.


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