Blood of Caterpillar under Foldscope

  • Hello, this is Neha kumari Singh .I’m from Me.E.C.L Secondary School Umiam and I’m a student of class 10.                                                   On 14th November me and some of my friends went to Panshet Dam,near Pune.                                            When I reached there with my friends I looked at a Caterpillar, a dead caterpillar near the lake .I saw something was coming out of its body .Something which was green in colour.Actually it was nothing but caterpillar blood .It was green in colour because it comes from the pigments of the plant and  as we know they lack haemoglobin because the blood of Caterpillar does not act as an oxygen carrier .There is therefore no reason for its to contain haemoglobin, so there’s blood was in green colour ..So then I actually wanted to see that and I took small amount of its blood with the help of a blade and I fixed it in my foldscope to observe that how it looks ,its structures, colour, shape and size .                                                                            when I observed that I came to know that it was  some brown in colour and little bit of green and pale yellow colour and some thread like structure was present there ,all this what it was showing under my foldscope .

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