Spider web with dew drops



Hi, I am M.Kishan Singha from Meghalaya, India. I am in 10th grade at Me.E.CL Secondary School, Umiam

I came across a spider web and found it with some fresh dew over it. I decided to place it under the Foldscope. As spider webs are oily by nature, it was a difficult task to place it on the glass slide without much interfering its structure. After placing it, I could observe its fibers and the strong, flexible bondings of the web structure. In this post, we can see the oily part of the web where the insects are captured.

As there are more than 130 different shapes of spider webs, I will be looking forward to collecting more samples for the same. In addition, the designs of the web structures are used many times by architect to strengthen their various designs. I hope, the interesting properties of web structures will prove to be a very beneficial factor to mankind. All suggestions and comments are welcomed.


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