Leaves under foldscope

Hi, I am ALAN BRANDON SUMER  , from Meghalaya, India. I am in 10th grade at Me.E.CL Secondary School, Umiam

On my visit to Panshat Dam, I was told to collect  samples any kind of  samples

When I went to Shingad and Panshat dam for a field trip from NCMR  on 14 Nov 2018  I reached there I see so many samples like water spider and many other.  So of all the other sample Itook the leaves sample because it had green and brown colour too.   So I wanted to see what is there in that brown color.  so I took a small portion  of the brown colour and put it in a glass slide, AFTER putting it in I observe  it in a foldscope

I observe it some black brown colour

AND much small brown structure which was somewhat like a circle. And also I observe some yellow blue purple colour and some black blue structure. And also I observe many colour which was like a rainbow very beautiful and also many green holes on it.








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