Blue Feather

I went to a Foldscope workshop and found and made samples. The first sample I made was a blue feather it looked like this: blue feather

The next one i made was pencil sharpenings the pencil sharpenings looked brown and you could see the wood fiber the next one was a nut of some sort it looked like a buck eye it is a little fuzzy at the end the next was a peice of moss it looked like huge branches and very fuzzy the next is a leaf that is from an unknown plant you can see the veins and the edge is very close. The last one is a piece of a different type a moss it looks like tree bark and is rough. That is it bye this post will continue later.

moss leaf moss leaf

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    @Mira: those are fantastic images. I also missed that you worked on pencil sharpenings. That a very original idea that probably deserves its own post 🙂


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