Artemia Larvae

Hi! I’m Manali Nayak from Pune, India.  I’m a high school graduate and am interning at a stem cell biology lab at NCCS, Pune. I’ve been super excited about Foldscope and finally got one from Dr. Praveen Rahi, NCMR, Pune.

My first post is a video of artemia larvae. Artemia are aquatic crustaceans, also known as brine shrimp. I am maintaining a hydra culture in the lab I work in, and the larvae serve as the feed for the culture. Since hydra are sedentary, they paralyze any larvae that come their way with their nematocysts, wrap their prey with their tentacles, and engulf them. The larvae are really tiny, so I decided to take a better look at their structure through my Foldscope. It was a little hard capturing the video since they keep swimming out of the field. Suggestions are welcome!



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