Prof. Prakash visited us last week…and this is what we did today!

Hi there!

Prof. Prakash and some other scientists visited us in Puerto Rico last week. I took my 16 and 12 yr. old sons/students to his workshop at EcoExploratorio in San Juan, PR where two fellow scientists helped us put together the foldscope. They made it easy and super interesting.

We homeschool and I have no means ($) to buy an expensive microscope for our Science class. As soon as we heard about the foldscope we were interested. Both my sons want to study Science related careers… so having access to one was an important deal for us.

Well, today we had a long day working with the foldscope. We are studying “special” plants and they went outside to get samples of mildew, moss, lichens, mushrooms, ferns and algae. We spent the whole day checking them out and learning. Here are some pics…  These were all found in our backyard!!!

Nice pic of a young fern leaf
Pic of mildew found under a lime tree leaf
Closer look at mildew (we used a tablet to increase the image) you can clearly identify the spore case and hyphae
This is a pic of a lichen
Close up of the lichen, we are pretty sure these are the algal cells … so cool!

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