One Day Workshop on Foldscope- It’s assembly and applications. Conducted by Madras Veterinary College

DBT Foldscope scheme – ” Foldscopes for diagnosis of rumen acidosis and parasitic infections in cattle”.

A one Day Workshop on Foldscope’- It’s assembly and applications was conducted on 14.11.2018 at Student day care centre- seminar hall of Madras Veterinary college by the Dept. of Animal Biotechnology, Faculty of Basic Sciences, Madras Veterinary College Chennai – 07.

Thirty participants had registered for the workshop.The participants were a mixed group of  One Veterinary Assistant Surgeon (Veterinary Dispensary, Udumalai),  One field Veterinarian doing PhD at MVC, 3 Veterinarians who are  Faculties at TANUVAS,  2 Veterinarians doing PG at MVC, 5 faculties from various colleges like Pachaiyappa’s College, Madras Veterinary College, Jeppiar engineering college, Nandanam Arts and Science college, V.V.V College, Kamaraj College, Meenakshi College for Women,  3 B.V.Sc students from Madras Veterinary College   and 15 researchers  from different colleges / organizations ( Pachaiyappa’s College, Madras Veterinary College, Vaccine Research Centre-Viral Vaccine,  Ayya Nadar Janaki Ammal College, Trichy Research Institute, ICAR- KVR Sikkal, TANUVAS, V.V.V College etc)   who were given hands-on, step by step  training on how to assemble and use Foldscope, slide preparation and viewing, wet sample preparation and how to take pictures using mobile phones. We also told about the microcosmos site, where they can begin their foldscope journey and document it.

The step by step assembling tutorial was  so easy , that the participants finished it in no time!. They  loved the fact that they could see mouth parts of mosquito, histology tissue samples, ticks, fern rhizome etc under foldscope. Overall, the workshop was so enjoyable and educational that the participants rated 10/10 in their feedback forms.

Participants assembling the Foldscope

Participants proudly show off the foldscope they assembled.

participants who attended the workshop along with the PI, Dr. S Meignanalakshmi (centre) Co- PI, Dr.R.Edith ( 5th from left, 2nd row) and JRF, Kamalini Esther (Extreme left).


Participants received certificate from Dr. K. Vijayarani ( Professor and Head, Dept. of Animal Biotechnology).


Feedback forms.

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