Adiantum rhizome

Photo clicked during workshop on ”EXPLORATION ON MINUSCULE WORLD THROUGH FOLDSCOPE” held at Indira gandhi kanya vidhyalay, gadge nagar, amt, maha, india on 7th sept 2018
The workshop conducted by student of bsc 3rd yr BIO . Guided by Dr. Khedakar sir, dept of botany, shree shivaji science college, amravati,maha ,india…

Adiantum commonlu known as green mountain littile branching . Anatomically it showed a transaction reveals the usual zones epidermis, cortex, stele . Epidermis is covered by cortex made of parenchyama or may be sclerenchyamatous . V.B exhibit great variety , it id dicatystele consisting rings of meristem , it may be solenostele or it typically amphipholic solenostele with outer endodermis pericycle , outer phloem nd inner xylem nd parenchyamatous pith

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