Photo clicked during workshop on ”EXPLORATION ON MINUSCULE WORLD THROUGH FOLDSCOPE” held at “Prashnachinh adivasi ashram school” mangrul chavhala, tq. Nandgao kh., amt, maha, india on 23rd sept 2018
The workshop conducted by student of bsc 3rd yr BIO . Guided by Dr. Khedakar sir, dept of botany, shree shivaji science college, amravati,maha ,india…

It is red algear of family batrachospermeaceae commonly found in fresh water . Also known as rodophycean algae  commonly known as frog spongs , the large branched thread like filaments bears dense wholrls of branchlets resembling beads on a string.  Spores are formed in clusture around base of carpogonium after fertilization.

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