Foldscope Utilisation for detection of pebrine disease in muga silkworms


To eliminate a rigid disease like pebrine (Nosema assama) in muga silkworms, muga mother moth protocol is an urgent need to be adopted in sericulture practicing areas especially in the remote areas where such practices are skipped due to financial issues. Foldscope can do wonders in this concern. It is cost effective as well as easy to operate comparatively to the conventionally used one.

The main objective of our work is to popularize use of foldscope in muga seed producing areas for quality production of disease free laying (DFLs). A batch of muga women farmers were trained regarding the procedure of muga mother moth examination and its importance of producing DFLs. They were also demonstrated the assembly of foldscope and its use over the conventionally used microscope to detect disease in muga mother moth examination.

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