Holotrich Protozoa identification in a field setting

DBT Foldscope scheme – “Foldscope for diagnosis of Rumen acidosis and Parasitic infection in cattle”.

This post is in response to Manu Prakash’s comment on our previous post (Holotrich protozoa – from Rumen fluid). Rumen fluid was collected from an healthy cow  (Figure 1) in a sterile container (figure 2).  A drop of rumen fluid was taken and 5 to 10 times the volume of MFS (methyl green Formalin Saline) stain was added ( figure 3). After an incubation time of about 30 mins, the mixture was taken and viewed under Foldscope (Figure 4). 

Figure 1 – Collection of Rumen fluid

Figure 2: Rumen fluid collected in a sterile container

Figure 3: MFS staining in field setting

Figure 4: Slide viewed under Foldscope

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