Observation of materials of student’s choice under foldscope -Class 8

Students of class 8th were curious and wanted  to observe many materials under the foldscope. So the class of observation was of their choice. The materials they observed were :  1.Charcoal powder- Charcoal is black because of carbon.Any substance when burnt turns black because of the presence of carbon.Charcoal is used as a fuel.we could observe the flakes of charcoal powder which was black.

Charcoal powder

Pencil lead(graphite)

2.Pencil lead(graphite)-There is no lead in pencils. The core is made of non toxic mineral called graphite. The pencil cores are a mixture of graphite and clay. By varying the graphite to clay ratio, pencil makers adjust the core hardness usually identified as HB, 2B etc. 

3.Pencil shaving -The pencil shaving is made of wood and used for making many beautiful designs of art and craft activities .



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