Creating slides by graduate students for Foldscope

In continuation to our previous post, we decided to show individuals a wide range of  parasites and bacteria that could reside on clothes.  For this, we have picked few soiled clothing, unwashed clothes for more than a month and used them for preparation of slides.


We anticipate that these slides when inserted in foldscope will help better demonstration of presence of microorganisms on clothing. It should give a better insight for school children and other individuals on the need to wash their clothes regularly and in a proper way.

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Dear @Sangita,

    What a beautiful idea and execution. Absolutely fantastic!! The micro fauna you might find on fabrics might be quiet unique!!

    Also; on techniques – using a foldscope light source would improve the illumination. Or else you can use a simple table lamp as another light source. I am sure the contrast and image resolution will increase significantly. The third option is to try simple bright day light (not looking directly at the sun)..

    Here are a few tutorials for adjusted illuminations:

    Many more training videos exist – hope you get to try the same to improve imaging resolution.

    Welcome to foldscope community!!


  2. Sangita says:

    Thanks Manu for the suggestions. In most of the workshops, while illustrating using foldscope we use LED lights to improve illumination. In case of field visits or door to door campaigns, we use indirect light if LED lights are unavailable. The tutorials you suggested are extremely useful. Thank you very much.

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